Vivian Liu

I'm currently a second year Computer Science PhD Student at Columbia University and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. I work on human-computer interaction with Professor Lydia Chilton in the Computational Design Lab.

Research & Publications
My current focus is on human-AI interaction with generative models.
Design Guidelines for Prompt Engineering Text-to-Image Generative Models.
Vivian Liu, Lydia Chilton.
Conference Paper CHI 2022.
Sparks: Inspiration for Science Writing using Language Models.
Katy Gero, Vivian Liu, Lydia Chilton.
In submission.
What Makes Tweetorials Tick: How Experts Communicate Complex Topics on Twitter.
Katy Gero, Vivian Liu, Sarah Huang, Jennifer Lee, and Lydia Chilton.
CSCW 2021.
Neurosymbolic Generation of 3D Animal Shapes through Semantic Guidance
Vivian Liu, Lydia Chilton
Demo at HAI-GEN Workshop at IUI 2021 (Human-AI Co-Creation with Generative Models.
[Project Page] [PDF] [Video] [Slides]
VisiFit: Structuring Iterative Improvement for Novice Designers
Lydia B. Chilton, Ecenaz Jen Omen, Sam Ross, Vivian Liu
Conference Paper CHI 2021
Interacting with Literary Style Through Computational Tools
Sarah Sterman, Evey Huang, Vivian Liu, Eric Paulos
Conference Paper CHI 2020
Inventing Assistive Technologies for Eye Disabilities in Makerspaces
Vivian Liu
Extended Abstract, Student Poster at International Symposium of Academic Makerspaces 2018

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